Monday, March 20, 2017

Guatemala: a "new" eloping destination

There are a lot of reasons why to elope, but eloping in Guatemala will just blow your mind away.

At the end, eloping is exactly the same as getting married. It’s a real wedding and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise so planning for it is a must!

Not everyday you are going to get married so you should do it exactly the way you want to do it.

Why Guatemala?
Guatemala has a magical vibe to it. Surrounded by ruins and volcanoes, the breeze from Lake Atitlan and the magnificent natural scenery that enfolds the colorful culture. Amazing venues, more than four centuries old with glitches of the history they have lived, make for the most romantic spaces.

The “Land of the eternal spring” is famous for its ever-lasting flowers. Always blooming, always bright, always catching the tourist’s attention. Heartwarming and friendly locals will make your stay feel like a princess. They will get out of their way to help you enjoy your wedding stay. 

Be careful when planning for you ceremony. Think about what kind of light you will have at the time of your ceremony. Remember Guatemala has different times for sunrise and sundown. Ask your photographer about what is the best time to tie the knot.

Even though you think that eloping is a small gathering, most of the time, the two of you, you still need to enjoy it so make sure you get some professional help. The Wedding Planner can help you find the best venues, vendors and details at the same time she is prepared for any last minute challenges that might occur. We highly recommend that you if you already have your mind set on a specific space, you hire someone who has already worked at this particular site.

Like at in any wedding, the most important thing is to enjoy it, so make sure you do have some extra time to just have fun with your spouse, and not be hurried by the timeline.
Because these will be moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life, make sure to hire an expert to immortalize this adventure. This is something you won’t regret. You can always use these pictures to send your announcements afterwards to family and friends. Be prepared, not everyone is going to like that you didn’t invite them.

The best advice is to do it as you have always dreamed about. Wear the dress you want, don’t worry. It’s your wedding. You get to choose. It’s not anybody else’s opinion that matters it’s yours! And also, don’t forget to celebrate. Through a party, eat cake, dance, whatever you want to do, but it’s your wedding and it’s time to celebrate.

There are two things you can’t forget: check on the legalities to make sure you have your legal stuff in order and don’t forget to plan your transportation. At the end, it’s a new place where anything can happen, so make sure you have somehow to get to your destination.

Think about this wedding as the opportunity of travelling, maybe just with your love, maybe with some friends and family. This trip will let you honeymoon all together. Concentrating on love, romance and an adventure concentrating on just the two of you and not the guest list.

Last but not least, you will save a lot of money by getting married in Guatemala. For once, eloping saves you tons of money but also Guatemala is a very inexpensive country where vendors are much cheaper. Your dreamed wedding will finally become a reality.  It’s a big save up! And remember, everybody knows, Guatemala has the best rum in the world!

Photography credits to: Daniel López Pérez, Eva Zelenkova & Pilu Delgado 

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